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Energy Healing Basics


What does energy healing mean?

Energy healing is the process of correcting trapped or blocked energy within our energy field. When energy gets trapped or blocked within us, it causes us to feel imbalanced and out of sync with the world around us. Often trapped energy will manifest as emotional issues that feel impossible to move beyond. The other way imbalance shows itself is through physical discomfort in the body. These blockages may be responsible for manifestations such as chronic physical pain with no apparent cause or emotional patterns that are less than positive.


Seeing the human energy field

How Do We Balance Energy?

Balancing energy is not as difficult as most people have believed in the past. Through endless hours of study and practise by many, a number of systems or protocols have been developed to aid in the process. These systems are called "Healing Modalities". The fact that multiple modalities have been developed is a bonus because every person should be able to find a modality that is comfortable and connects with them. Many different options exist to restore balance within our energy, but the basics are the same thoughout most modalities.


The basic steps to energy balancing.

  1. Determine what the issue is to be resolved. (ie: physcal or emotional imbalance)
  2. Examine when the imbalance first appeared
  3. Focus your attention on what was happening in the months and weeks leading up to the imbalance occuring
  4. Uncover the core belief attached to the feeling (if possible)
  5. Spend time trying to extract the positive and helpful message within the difficulty
  6. Re-write the situation mentally incorporating the positive and healthy message as a vital part of the growth.
  7. Agree deep inside yourself that it is safe to release the imbalance because you have taken the message that you need from it.
  8. Imagine what it will be like when this emotional feeling or physical difficulty to be in the past
  9. Spend time feeling gratitude for the change that is about to occur
  10. Replenish the physical body with food, water and sleep

A quick and easy explanation of energetic imbalance