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A Journey Into the Unconscious Mind

What is the Unconscious Mind?

The unconscious mind, also often called the sub-conscious mind is the part of the brain that is responsible for automatic human functions, such as breathing.

The unconscious also stores all of the past experiences a person has had, within its memory. The unconscious mind has been said to hold more information than our conscious mind can comprehend.

The Unconscious Mind - The First Super Computer

Having the ability to store a human beings entire life experience on one drive, truly makes this part of the brain "The Worlds First Super Computer".

If you still aren't convinced, imagine the speed at which our mental processing has to happen, even just for our own safety. The power of the unconscious is almost limitless.

Emotional Understanding

When we examine the programs running in the background within the unconscious mind, true emotional understanding and clarity is almost inevitable.

This is the space of deep inner change, growth and reprogramming. Noticing that our unconscious mind runs programs, is the first step in understanding.

How did my unconscious get programmed?